Botanical Surveys, Inventories & Assessments

Understanding What You Have

Botanical Surveys, Inventories and Assessments cover a broad range of what I do. I walk or hike around your property for multiple seasons during the year, identifying and cataloging the species that I see. Revisiting the site during different seasons is vital to ensuring a correct ID and building a holistic picture of the ecosystem and species that are present. At the end of each visit, I put all species in a spreadsheet and organize them based on multiple factors including scientific nomenclature, location on the property, plant parts that can be used, propogation,


Remote Sensing-Vegetation Analysis

A Comprehensive Approach

Remote Sensing is the process of taking images from satellites and analyzing them to glean information about an area on Earth.

This process can be part of a larger consulting project to determine the general species makeup in a remote area before accessing it in person. Each plant species reflects solar radiation in different wavelengths and can lead to more specific management practices or access  new, unknown plant populations.


Plant Identification & Botanical Instruction

Expert Guidance

Are you wondering what that strange plant in your backyard is? Are you wanting to teach your kids about what they can eat  when they're hiking? Or are you an avid outdoors-person who doesn't know much about plants? I'm happy to teach you the fundamentals of plant identification! I've worked with individuals and large groups teaching indoors and in the field. Each lesson or lecture can be tailored to your needs or the interest of the group. Please contact me via email to discuss rates.




Abbottanical Native Wildflower Seeds

Native plant seed hand-curated for your garden needs.


  • Penstemon palmeri

  • Linium lewisii

  • Cleome serrulata

  • Balsamorhiza sagittata

  • Gaillardia aristata

  • Echinacea purpurea

  • Lupinus argenteus

  • Achillea millefolium

  • Sphaeralcea coccinea

  • Sphaeralcea parvifolia

Seed package is hand-stamped with archival acid-free ink & is re-sealable up to 5 times post first use, without hydration; allowing dry conditions for higher germination success after storage.

Hand-selected seed collected across the Intermountain West. Will thrive in disturbed soils at various elevations.

Multiple species in the mix have use as medicine, food and/or fiber.

Mix of annual, biennial and perennial plants with colors ranging from blue-purples to bright red.